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Whether you’re after pre-prepared packaging solutions or you’re
looking to produce your own, here’s our range of biorene products:


are fully sustainable and either
biodegradable or compostable. Here’s the difference…

Biodegradable packaging products can break down and return to nature within a short time after they’re recycled (typically a year or less).

Within that degradation time (aka break down time), they completely decompose into natural elements. The benefit of biodegradable packaging is that it will help reduce the build-up of waste in landfills due to the fast break down time, meaning we have a safer, cleaner and healthier environment.

Most plastics and nondegradable materials remain on the planet as waste for decades (as a minimum), so opting for biodegradable packaging is key to improving our planet.

Compostable packaging products are similar because they too are produced by fully degradable materials.

The main difference, however, is that these products go one step further, and provide the earth with the nutrients once they’ve been broken down.

Rather than being added to landfills, these break down more organically (typically within 90 days) and can be added to compost piles.